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Transfiguration Class

Transfigurations Class - we had the kids play charades. You can have a list made up ahead of time for each kid to act out, or you can have them choose something on their own. The lesson plan follows:

Welcome class, I am Professor Albus Dumbledore, (mumble to yourself... now where did I put those darn glasses... hopefully the students will notice they are ON YOUR HEAD) (clear your throat..) oh yes, my yes yes yes (while patting your head for them.) Now... where was I, right you are... I'll be instructing you in transfigurations, do you know what that means? Thats right, turning yourself into something you are not.

Let me show you how its done. (Turn yourself into a ROBOT and wonder around the room bumping into things.) Now what do you think I am class?

Now lets try something altogether then, stand up, yes yes, thats a sport, stand up all of you. We are now going to turn into the WHOMPING WILLOW. (Be a tree and flail your arms about without moving a step and try to smack some kiddies.)

Well done class!!! I think we have a few master shape-shifters with us today.

Ummm hmm (clearing throat again) Now then, we will attempt individual transfigurations for the rest of the class. Here are the roles, hmm hmm rhymes, (cough) rudes oh whatever... the RULES for transfiguration. I will call you up to the front of the class and whisper what you will turn into. You will then transform, there will be no sounds allowed, you must act silently. Your classmates will then have to guess what you have become.

You there... whats your name? Please come to the front, no no dear boy, don't knock me over I know you are enthused at the prospect of becoming something else. Now then, here is what you will become (whisper in their ear). (Tap them with your wand) and begin now dear fellow.

NOTE: If you need to fill some time before the groups rotate... have fun making them act out nursery rhymes such as Itsy Bitsy Spider, Do your ears hang low, down by the station, sally the camel.

At the end of this class, students were given a magic wand for their party bags