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Mary Ann & Kimberly

Harry Potter
Party & Cake

Personalized Event Tickets


Pamela Rhea Alder
Deputy Headmistress
describes the....



Student Workbooks

I bought those cheapo $.10 folders (purple) with brads and made sections within
the workbook. I found great sites online with all kinds of Harry Potter puzzles
and questionaires and even color pages; printed them off and I had a workbook.

The 1st page was the Schedule of Events

The 2nd page was the list of houses and who was in them
(also posted by the front door).

Section 1:
Divinations Projects
(used PrintShop to make a crystal ball with Divinations arching over it).
I thought crossword puzzles and word searches worked well in this section.

Word Search 1

Word Search 2

Crossword Puzzle
(We printed out the answer sheet also, the link is at the bottom of the crossword page)


Section 2:
Potions Projects
(made a cover page with beakers and potions etc.)
We printed out all the potions we would be creating in the actual potions class.


Section 3:
Transfigurations Projects
(the cover page had a beautiful dragon).
I put a bunch of Harry Potter coloring pages we found on the web,
color... transfigure... go figure...



Section 4:
Study Guides
(used a clipart "books" pic.)
Filled this section with Harry Potter Quizzes.
We just highlighted the quizzes, pasted them into a word document,
and printed them out. These quizzes go up through year 3.


Section 5:
Was saved for all the miscellaneous stuff I wanted to include.
We created a "Daily Prophet" Newsletter about the special summer session,
included a Honeydukes sale section,
wrote an editoral on when the movie
and the next book
were coming out.
It actually turned out pretty neat.