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Mary Ann & Kimberly

Harry Potter
Party & Cake

Personalized Event Tickets


Pamela Rhea Alder
Deputy Headmistress
describes the....



Schedule of Events
Class Schedule:


4 of the clock
Transfigurations: Gryffindor
Potions: RavenClaw
Divinations: Hufflepuff

20 past 4
Transfigurations: Hufflepuff
Potions: Gryffindor
Divinations: RavenClaw

40 past 4
Transfigurations: RavenClaw
Potions: Hufflepuff
Divinations: Gryffindor


Birthday Celebration:

5 of the clock
Open presents, sing and cut cake


Other Events:

Half past 5
Quidditch Match

6 of the Clock
Begin Grand Feast
Tour the Forbidden Forest (Moon Bounce Time)
Do your own thing

9 of the Clock Celebration...
Fireworks and general mayhem