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Mary Ann & Kimberly

Harry Potter
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Pamela Rhea Alder
Deputy Headmistress
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Overall Decorations

We made our big signs on Poster Board, those that were hung up outside.
All the signs to hang at the classroom doors were made on the computer and
then printed on cardstock.

Signs to hang outside the house:
"Kings Cross Station"
"Platform 9"
"Platform 10"

Signs to hang inside the house:
The Great Hall
Divinations Class
Potions Class
Transfigurations Class
HoneyDukes Treats

Sign Hanging Hint:
Elmers makes a "poster glue" that allows you to stick signs or posters or
things up on your walls and they come off in a snap without
making any mess or ruining your walls.

Mylar Harry Potter Balloons:
We took one mylar balloon and two shiny regular ballons,
tied them to a balloon weight and set them in each classroom.
Each set was geared towards a Hogwarts House:

Gryffindor - Red and Gold
Ravenclaw - Purple and Pink
Hufflepuff - Blue and White
Slytherin - Black and Green

We also made some single white balloons, put faces on them with a marker
and sat our "little ghosties" around in unexpected places.