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Harry Potter
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Pamela Rhea Alder
Deputy Headmistress
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Hogwarts School of Wizardry
1500 Wizard Circle
Severn, Maryland 21144

Jamey Alder
Closet Under the Attic, Second Floor
1500 Wizard Circle
Severn, Maryland 21144

Dear Madam,

We are pleased to accept you to the Hogwarts School of Wizardry. A special
term will be held on Wednesday, July 4, 2001 in celebration of Grand Sorcerer
and Supreme Celebrant of His Ninth Birthday Ryan Anthony Alder.

Prof. Severus Snape teaching Potions, Prof. Minerva McGonagall teaching
Divinations, and Prof. Albus Dumbledore teaching Transfigurations will begin
classes at precisely 4 of the clock.

A special Quidditch Match will commence at half past 5 of the clock.
**Note: Water balloons thrown by spectators will be substituted for Bludgers.

Graduation Feasting will begin at approximately 6 of the clock.

Please R.S.V.P. by owl no later than 30 June 2001
(or use your muggle phone to call 410-551-9017)

Yours Sincerely,

Pamela Rhea Alder
Deputy Headmistress