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Mary Ann & Kimberly

Harry Potter
Party & Cake

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Pamela Rhea Alder
Deputy Headmistress
describes the....



The Goody Bags

Empty party bags were handed out as classes were beginning because
"goodies" were earned in each class.

Student workbooks and pencils were also given out as classes began.
I got the bags at Michaels Craft Store for about 60 cents each;
the paper kind that has handles and we decorated them with labels printed
on the computer with the kids name and their assigned house.

Wands earned in Transfigurations Class
Cut wooden dowls to 12inch lengths and spray paint them black
Much cheaper than spending $8+ for plastic ones online or in a party store

Lava Lamps made in Potions Class

Crystal Amulet Necklaces were earned in Divinations Class
Tthese are easy, most craft stores sell all types of crystal pendants
and leather to put them on.

Harry Potter Stickers and Glasses

Packaged candy from Honeydukes
On the way out, students stopped by Honeydukes and got to pick a bag
from each basket. In our breakfast room, I set baskets around the table
like a real little candy store. I bought a variety of candy and
divided it up into baggies equaling the number of kids coming to the party.
Each bag was labeled with the candy it contained such as
Dumbledores Favorite Lemon Drops
Bertie Botts Magic Beans
Sour Tingles
Dementor's Relief Chocolate Bars
Droobles Best Blowing Gum
and several others.


Bought a few packages of Hane's mens medium white t-shirts and
made decals on the computer.
(The pics for the decals came from a great site online.)
The Hogwarts seal went on the left breast,
a house seal on the left arm and
the students name on the right sleeve.