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Divinations Class


In Divinations Class, Professor McGonagal began with a brief lecture on the various ways of fortune-telling: runes, tea leaves, tarot cards, palm reading, and of course the crystal ball.

She then had the students complete one of the tasks in the Divinations Section of their workbooks, she had the students bring their completed task up to her desk to check their answers, she read their fortunes in the crystal ball before they returned to their seats. See the fortunes below for some ideas...

A pretty blonde girl will fly with monkey's in the early dawn after a full moon's night.

An energetic boy will dance with baboons wearing nothing but a grass skirt and a top hat.

The youngest boy will solve scientific jungle mysteries with an ancient, wrinkled man.

A boy with eyes of blue finds passage to outerspace in a man-made rocket made of bubble gum and fireflies.

A girl with jeweled teeth will sing in a rock band, wearing glitter on her eyes, sparkles on her fingers and no shoes on her feet.

A young boy with dark eyes will travel to an orange desert on horseback and be chased by snakes and indians only to rope them all in with a lasso of licorice.

A freckled sweet girl has the time of her life swimming in a warm vat of melted chocolate and cooling off in a mist of lavender rain.

The most mischievious boy will fall into a purple pool of jello to swim with magic dragons and creepy lizards.

The youngest girl is the luckiest of all. She's taken on a magic carpet ride with a gypsy woman to the pyramids of Egypt, they dance by daylight with the hump-backed camels and dine by twilight amongst the singing elephants.

The oldest in the crowd is taken deep beneath the sea to find a treasure of gold and jewels... instead they find shrunken heads and electic eels with eyes of diamonds and teeth of white ivory which have to be removed with their toenails.

The funniest person will stand on their hands wearing a ballerina's skirt and do an upside-down funky chicken dance in front of all his friends.

After finishing this class, the students received a crystal amulet necklace for their party bag.