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Tower Of Pasta

This is a fun game for ages 8 to adult... the towers can be made individually
or in teams... get set for fun!

Set a Time Limit.

Raw Spaghetti (uncooked!)
Marshmallows (mini)
Measuring tape
All kinds of balls 

There are no step-by-step instructions for this project! 
You can do whatever you want with the materials. 
The object is to build a tower as high and as strong as you 
can using only spaghetti and marshmallows. 


How much weight will your tower support? 

Will it hold a:
Ping-pong ball? 
Golf ball?
Tennis ball?
Cannon ball?

Point System:

Cannon ball: 50 points
Basketball: 20 points
Baseball: 15 points
Tennis ball: 10 points
Golf ball: 7 points
Ping Pong ball: 5 points

Extra Points:

1 point for every centimeter high your tower is.
5 points if you finished your tower before you ate all the marshmallows.
5 extra points if your tower is "funky" looking.
5 extra points if your tower stands the longest.
If your Tower is able to hold more than one object, you get the points for both balls.