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The sport of Wizard's...


Just as baseball, football, soccer and golf are important to Muggles,
Quidditch is the only sporting pasttime
adored by Hogwart students and professors!
The game is similiar to soccer, but is played in the air on broomsticks
with the action taking placing 10 to 120 feet in the air!


Quidditch 101
a quick overview...



Seven players on each team


One Quaffle (red soccer sized ball), used for scoring

Two Bludger balls (black)

One Golden Snitch, a tiny, winged, walnut-sized ball that the Seeker (a player) has to catch.



Nimbus 2000, Cleansweep Seven, Comet 260, Nimbus 2001, - light, speedy first-class Quidditch brooms. (vol. 1, p. 152) Firebolt - The most magnificent broom Harry had ever seen; the fastest broom in the world. (vol. 3, p. 57 & p. 254) A gift from Sirius. (vol. 3, p. 432).



Points are earned each time the ball goes through the hoop; the catching of the Golden Snitch signals the end of a game. (vol. 1, p. 167, also,vol. 3, p. 143)



Wronski Defensive Feint
Dangerous Seeker Diversion
Hawkshead Attacking Formation
Porskoff Ploy
Plays used during Quidditch World Cup. (vol. 4, pp.106 &109)

Who Does What and What is What?:

Throw the Quaffle to each other and try to through it through the goal post to score.
One Quaffle

Used for scoring; can be thrown through any one of the 6 goalposts for 10 points.
One Keeper

Flies around the goals trying to stop the opposing team from scoring.
Two Beaters

Equipped with large clubs, these players zoom after the bludgers trying to knock them toward the opposing team.
Two Bludgers

Big, heavy balls that rocket around trying to knock players off their brooms.
One Seeker

The Seeker is usually the smallest, nimblest player on the team. They ride around between all the chaos looking for the Snitch. In addition to the game ending when it is caught, the team that caught it earns an additional 150 points.
One Golden Snitch

Very fast and hard to see, the Snitch is the most important ball in the game. The game only ends when the Snitch is caught.

Goalposts - Six in all, these fifty foot-high structures are the main way of scoring in Quidditch. Each time a Quaffle is thrown through one of the hoops, ten pioints is earned. There are three on each end of the field, gouarded by the team Keeper.

Clubs - The Beaters use these large, heavy clubs to knock the Bludgers toward enemy players.

Be creative and devise of game of Quidditch
at your next party,
here's how:

From Head Mistress, Rhea Alder:
I used an area in the yard to set up this game.
It had a big tree on either side of the field and on each tree
I hung up hoola hoops for the goals.
(Walmart had some really cool metallic ones.)
We used a cantaloupe-sized red kids ball as the quaffle and played
with soccor rules but using hands instead of feet.
The spectators threw out black water bombs (bludgers)
every so often to make it interesting.

Each team had
One goalie
2 chasers
2 beaters
a nd there were
2 snitches on fishing line that flew around the field every so often.