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Mary Ann & Kimberly

Harry Potter
Party & Cake

Personalized Event Tickets

Un-Appetizer Ideas

Mummies Delight = Mac and Cheese or spegetti

Tombstone = Garlic Bread or tater tots or cupcakes with tombstones on them
Bat Bones = Shoestring Potatoes or chicken wings in BBQ sauce
Vampires Blood = Red Punch or Juice
Slime Balls = Carmel Apples or meatballs in green ketchup
Monster Toes = Little Smokies with a piece of tortilla on the end and ketchup or finger shaped cookies with red royal icing and almond fingernails
Spider Traps = Rice Krispy Treats with little spiders on them or cupcakes with spiders on top
Creepy Crawlers = Jell-O with Gummy Worms