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Mary Ann & Kimberly

Harry Potter
Party & Cake

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“Robbers broke into Peeves grave and when they opened the coffin, the finger pointed and put a curse on them forever… and that curse is still working.”  This is really fun magic that will leave the kids talking about it long after the party is over!

The Show:

The Magician/Wizard tells everyone that he/she got Peeves finger before he died and became a ghost at Hogwart School of Witchcraft & Wizardry and it has been kept a secret for years and years. A small box is taken out of the Magician/Wizard's pocket as he/she whispers in a scared voice this story: "Robbers broke into Peeves grave and when they opened the coffin, the finger pointed at them and put a curse on them forever, and that the curse is still working." The Magician/Wizard opens the box slowly and reveals a finger lying on some cotton - it is a "real" finger. Suddenly, the finger moves and when it does, the Magician/Wizard quickly places the lid back on the box and looks scared. Then the lid is slowly removed again, and the finger is still there and laying still. All of a sudden, it moves and points and lays down on the cotton again - the lid is quickly put back on. The Magician/Wizard is very afraid and gets paper and quickly wraps the box up and tapes it. Each guest is asked to add tape to it to ensure that Peeves finger does not escape from the box. Place the box in a paper bag, put the paper bag in a plastic bag… 

The Secret:
Using a small box, like a necklace box, cut a hole in the bottom and line the inside with cotton. The Magician/Wizard reaches into his/her pocket to bring out the box and at that time, inserts one of his/her finger in the hole to lay flat on the cotton. .