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Mary Ann & Kimberly

Harry Potter
Party & Cake

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Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt...
in the Forbidden Forest!

This treasure hunt finds school supplies for a Spells & Potions Class at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry so your guests are ready whenever the owl shows up at their house with a letter of acceptance for the next school year!

All the items are hidden in the "Forbidden Forest" so the children should be in teams of two to protect each other. (Re-name your backyard or designate a part of a park... even your garage works!)

Hide the items...

Remind the children to only take one of each item, not all of the items when they find out where they are hidden.

Give each guest a Harry Potter loot bag or bag you make yourself...set a time limit and let the kids run loose to find their treasures!

When the Scavenger Hunt is over, these are then the party favors for the guests to take home.

Buy inexpensive items at a Dollar Store or toy store and make your own list.. below is just a sample.

To make this a more challenging game for older kids, hide different amounts of each item... for instance 3 snakes, 12 ants, 8 lizards, etc.

For younger children, hide equal amounts of each item so every child finds one of each item on the list.

Find the
School Supplies for Hogwarts
(Items are in the Forbidden Forest)
Points Earned
for each Item
Points Earned Score
1 Black Spider
1 Snake
1 Fish
1 Bat
6 Ants
3 Sticks

4 Pebbles


1 Black Rock


1 Pine Cone


2 Bird Feathers


1 Red Gem Stone


1 Dinosaur


1 Rat


1 Purple Pencil


1 Pencil


1 Pad of Paper


1 Playing Card


1 Golden Snitch




ENJOY... the kids love these hunts!